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I still dream of the island.

I sometimes approach it across water, but more often through air, like a bird, with a great wind under my wings. The shores rise rain-coloured on the horizon of sleep, and in their quiet circle the buildings: the houses grown along the canals, the workshops of inkmasters, the low-ceilinged taverns. The House of Words looks inward behind its high walls. Threads knotted into mazes run in all directions from the House of Webs, and air gondolas are suspended on their cables, dead weights above the streets.

At the centre of the island stands the Tower, smooth and blind. A sun of stone glows grey light at the pinnacle, spreading its sharp ray-fingers. Fires like fish-scales flicker in the windows. Sea is all around, and the air will carry me no longer.


Recent News

Audiovisual interviews

The Finnish version of The Moonday Letters has spawned a number of interviews, in which Emmi talks about the creative process of the book, its themes, science fiction and speculative fiction in general, space cats, climate change, and many other fascinating things. These interviews are naturally in Finnish.

  • On Saturday September 12th Anna Tulusto interviewed Emmi for YLE’s “Aamun kirja”. The segment can be watched at Areena.
  • From Sunday September 13th onwards you can listen to the radio program “Luomiskertomus”, also hosted by Anna Tulusto. It too can be found in the Areena archives.
  • In the latest episode of “Pieni karanteenikirjakerho” host Taru Torikka and Emmi delve a little deeper into the world of The Moonday Letters. The podcast can be found both at Patreon as well as SoundCloud.

The Moonday Letters released in Finnish

The Finnish version of The Moonday Letters is coming out this week - you can pre-order the book from Teos’ webshop. The gorgeous cover with its retro Sci-Fi imagery was designed by Jussi Kaakinen and the insides are guaranteed Itäranta: wistfully beautiful, carefully crafted.

Latest Events

Upcoming events

  • Friday October 2nd at 4.30PM Akateemisen perjantaiklubi, Akateeminen Bookstore, Kirjatalo, Helsinki.
  • Thursday October 8th at 6PM Elämän kirjat -podcast, Book Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki.
  • Wedneday October 21st at 5PM Akateemisen kohtauspaikka, Akateeminen kirjakauppa, Tampere. (EVENT CANCELLED!)
  • Sunday October 25th at 12.30PM Helsingin kirjamessut online, Senaatintori.

LANU! Virtual Book Festival

This just in! The Finnish version of Emmi’s new novel Kuunpäivän kirjeet is coming out this autumn. The first chance to get a sneak preview is in the LANU! Virtual Book Festival this coming Sunday, April 4th from 7.30 to 8.00PM. Enjoy a moment of tea and dystopia, as Emmi talks about the new novel and reads an excerpt live on Instagram