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I still dream of the island.

I sometimes approach it across water, but more often through air, like a bird, with a great wind under my wings. The shores rise rain-coloured on the horizon of sleep, and in their quiet circle the buildings: the houses grown along the canals, the workshops of inkmasters, the low-ceilinged taverns. The House of Words looks inward behind its high walls. Threads knotted into mazes run in all directions from the House of Webs, and air gondolas are suspended on their cables, dead weights above the streets.

At the centre of the island stands the Tower, smooth and blind. A sun of stone glows grey light at the pinnacle, spreading its sharp ray-fingers. Fires like fish-scales flicker in the windows. Sea is all around, and the air will carry me no longer.

The Weaver is out November 1st in the US.


Recent News

The City of Woven Streets is out in the UK

Emmi’s second novel, The City of Woven Streets has been released June 2nd 2016, in paperback, eBook and audiobook versions. You can buy the book here. The audiobook is hauntingly read by Aysha Kala, and you can listen to a snippet of the first chapter here.

Congratulations Noria!

The new polar bear cub born in November at the Brno Zoo has finally been given a name. The name was chosen by tennis player Lucie Šafářová from a list of suggestions, and her apt choice fell on the suggestion sent in by Lenka Skutilová. Congratulations to little Noria and mother Cora! Hopefully Noria will never have to face the iceless world of her namesake. Here is a link to an article about the event in Czech, and here you can find a lovely gallery of Noria herself.

Latest Events

Events in Tokyo

This September Emmi will be embarking on a brief tour of Japan. You can meet up with her at the Tokyo International Book Fair, or even join her for a special tea ceremony. Click here for the public events scheduled so far.

Full English Festival

There are a couple of events coming up on May 19th at the Full English Festival. At 15.00 Emmi will host a workshop on setting and character, and at 17.00 that same day she will be giving a talk on writing in two languages. (Please note these are the correct times - previously the website erroneously gave a different start time for the talk.)

The festival will be running from 16th – 20th May on the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus and is free and open to all. You can find the full listing of events here, or on Facebook.