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I still dream of the island.

I sometimes approach it across water, but more often through air, like a bird, with a great wind under my wings. The shores rise rain-coloured on the horizon of sleep, and in their quiet circle the buildings: the houses grown along the canals, the workshops of inkmasters, the low-ceilinged taverns. The House of Words looks inward behind its high walls. Threads knotted into mazes run in all directions from the House of Webs, and air gondolas are suspended on their cables, dead weights above the streets.

At the centre of the island stands the Tower, smooth and blind. A sun of stone glows grey light at the pinnacle, spreading its sharp ray-fingers. Fires like fish-scales flicker in the windows. Sea is all around, and the air will carry me no longer.

The Weaver is out November 1st in the US.


Recent News

Adomo Druktenio Award

Each year the Adomo Druktenio Award is given to the most significant and artistic Lithuanian translation for teens. This year the recipient is Viltarė Urbaitė, for her translation of Memory of Water. Congratulations!

2001: pre-order

You can now pre-order the fantastic anthology 2001: An Odyssey In Words. There is a paperback, a limited edition hardback signed by the editors, and a kindle edition, all of which will of course include Emmi’s contribution: Roads of Silver, Paths of Gold.

Latest Events

Summer reading

The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg is hosting a summer reading program, and on June 20th it’s turn for Emmi’s debut novel. Actors from the bilingual theatre Cromlech will read passages from the book in both Finnish and Russian. More information about the event (in Russian) can be found here.

Event at Kent University

On Tuesday, December 12th 2017 the Creative Writing Reading Series of Kent University invites Emmi to the stage. Emmi graduated from the MA in Creative Writing at Kent in 2010. There will be reading, books, and refreshments. The location is Keynes SCR, and the time is 6:00PM.