My Diary

The Midden

The Midden - Frontiers in Retreat Publication will be launched at the Helsinki International Arts Programme Summer Party in August. The book is edited by Tracey Warr and Jenni Nurmenniemi, and it includes essays by Jussi Parikka, Emmi Itäranta, Antti Salminen, Taru Elfving, Jenni Nurmenniemi and Tracey Warr. You can follow up the news about the book at the HIAP Facebook page.

Pori Night of Books

On August 16th Pori City Library is hosting a Night of Books, with future as the theme this year. The evening features events for both adults and children. At 7PM in the auditorium Karoliina Suoniemi will interview Emmi on the topic of Societies of Fear - why dystopias are so fascinating? More information and the detailed program can be found at the Facebook page of the event. The event will be in Finnish.

Summer reading

The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg is hosting a summer reading program, and on June 20th it’s turn for Emmi’s debut novel. Actors from the bilingual theatre Cromlech will read passages from the book in both Finnish and Russian. More information about the event (in Russian) can be found here.

Adomo Druktenio Award

Each year the Adomo Druktenio Award is given to the most significant and artistic Lithuanian translation for teens. This year the recipient is Viltarė Urbaitė, for her translation of Memory of Water. Congratulations!

2001: pre-order

2001: pre-order

You can now pre-order the fantastic anthology 2001: An Odyssey In Words. There is a paperback, a limited edition hardback signed by the editors, and a kindle edition, all of which will of course include Emmi’s contribution: Roads of Silver, Paths of Gold.