My Diary

Kirjailija Magazine 2/20

In the latest Kirjailija Magazine, published by the Union of Finnish Writers, Emmi and her colleagues Nura Farah and Leo Ylitalo discuss what it’s like to write in the crossroads of two very different languages. You can read the Finnish-language article at the website of the Union.

Moonday Letters in Finnish

The autumn catalog of Teos Publishing features Emmi’s novel, Moonday letters, which is coming out this autumn in Finnish. Set in the distant future where the human domain spans the solar system, with mines, factories and plantations making diligent and systematic use of the celestial bodies. Lumi Salo is searching for her spouse, botanist Sol. Sol hasn’t made it to their reunion, nor the next meeting, there are suspicions of crime, rumours of terrorism. Using epistolary form and collagelike narrative, the novel asks: What is too distant, and what can we still salvage?

Stories of Hope and Wonder

Emmi’s short story, Roads of Silver, Paths of Gold, appears in the anthology Stories of Hope and Wonder, published by Newcon Press. All proceeds from the sale of this digital anthology are being donated to support NHS staff and other healthcare workers. You can see the full list of authors here, or head straight to Amazon to buy the ebook.

LANU! Virtual Book Festival

This just in! The Finnish version of Emmi’s new novel Kuunpäivän kirjeet is coming out this autumn. The first chance to get a sneak preview is in the LANU! Virtual Book Festival this coming Sunday, April 4th from 7.30 to 8.00PM. Enjoy a moment of tea and dystopia, as Emmi talks about the new novel and reads an excerpt live on Instagram

Lukufiilis Webzine

In the editorial of the latest Lukufiilis Webzine Emmi declares reading to be a superpower for the eco-conscious. You can read the editorial here, albeit only in Finnish.