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Mikkeli reads

On Friday, September 6th 2019, Emmi will be visiting Mikkeli, Finland, to celebrate the Dream Year of Reading. Her novel Memory of Water has been chosen as the theme book of the year.

1PM to 3PM, Mikael

The event aimed for junior high and secondary education students features an interview with Emmi and a discussion about the themes of Memory of Water. Among the panel members is foresight expert Christopher Rowley from the think tank Demos Helsinki. Sign-in form for the event can be found here.

6PM to 8PM, Mikkeli Regional Library, Mikkeli Hall

In the evening event Emmi will talk about her work and life as an author. Experts have been invited to discuss the various connections Memory of Water has with current themes. The event is free to attend, and there will be tea served by World Shop Association.

The literary after party will be held at Bar Dom, with entertainment provided by the Diary Club, and the Poetry Kiosk hosted by Lea Suopelto and Roope Nykänen.