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Event Calendar for the Autumn

29.9.2021 Muurame library klo 18.00

Emmi Itäranta as the author guest, interviewed by Vesa Lahti.

2.10.2021 Turku Book Fair
  • Klo 10.30: The Moonday Letters (Fiore hall A)
  • Klo 11.30: Interviewed by High Schoolers (Turku Area Finnish Teachers, A19)
  • Klo 16.50: Panel discussion: The Author and the Publisher (Fiore hall A)
29.10.2021 Helsinki Book Fair

Klo 17.00: 2040 – Stories About the Future of Democracy (Senaatintori)

5.12.2021 Tampere Book Festival

Klo 15.00: The Moonday Letters (Sopraano)