My Diary

Mikkeli reads video greeting

In her video greeting to readers from Mikkeli and everywhere else, Emmi talks about her work as an author and her book Memory of Water, which has been chosen as the theme book of the Year of Reading. She will be visiting Mikkeli main library on September 6th, from 6Pm to 8Pm. More information about the theme year and its events can be found here, albeit only in Finnish.

Climate Culture Conference 2019

Climate Culture Conference 2019 is an event where artists, scholars, students and politicians come together to discuss culture and art in our society in the time of climate change. It will take place on June 12th at the Finlandsinstitutet in Stockholm, at Snickarbacken 4. Emmi will be one of the speakers and panelists in the first part of the conference titled Climate Culture, along with the artist duo Bigert & Bergström and professor Staffan Laestadius. The conference is open for public and free of charge. A lunch is also included. You can find the full program and more information here.

Interview at the Science Fiction Bokhandeln

If you missed Emmi’s event at the Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Stockholm last month, you can listen to it on Souncloud. Emmi and Alva Markelius talk about dystopias, writing, future speculations, science fiction, and the novel Emmi is currently working on, amongst other things. The interview is in English.

Europarama episode 2

Europarama episode 2

Europarama is a podcast series about science fiction and the future of Europe. In this second episode titled Baubotanik, Giuseppe Porcaro and Emmi Itäranta imagine a utopian future for Europe.

Seminar on film and literature

On April 24th 2019 at 12PM KAVI, the National Audiovisual Institute presents a Seminar on Film and Literature at Kino Regina in Helsinki. The seminar invites both researchers and authors to analyse the connections between film and literature. At 2.30PM begins the second section of the seminar, titled “Authors to the Front”, during which various creators are interviewed. Lead by Katri Tenhola, Emmi will be discussing writing fantasy and horror with Ilja Rautsi, the author of the screen play based on Memory of Water. The event is in Finnish, and free to attend. More information can be found here.