Tähtivaeltaja Award

Annual award given by Helsinki Science Fiction Society to the best science fiction book published in Finnish, including translations from other languages. Praise from the jury:

“The book, crisp and flowing in style, is an epistolary novel consisting of the messages its main character, Finnish-born Lumi Salo, writes to her spouse who works far away. The accomplished narration blends several timelines and fragments of history, news material, research knowledge and even advertisements. These form a many-stranded, consistent picture of humanity that has spread out to the Moon, Mars, space stations and gas giant satellites.”

Previous winners include Johannes Anyuru, Margaret Atwood, Iain M. Banks, Lauren Beukes, Cormac McCarthy, William Gibson, Risto Isomäki, Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen and Hannu Rajaniemi.

Helsinki Science Fiction Society,