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Worldcon 75 programme

Worldcon 75 programme

The preliminary programme for the 75th Worldcon in Helsinki has been released. As per usual, changes, additions and cancellations are likely, so do check the latest version of the programme available at the official website here. There's even an app for your smartphone.

Friday, August 11th

11.00 - Signing at the Signing Area
15.00 - Reading group: The Weaver, room 213

Emmi discusses her second novel with readers and Matti Järvinen. Sign-up at the info desk.

Saturday, August 12th

13.00 - Panel discussion: Climate Change and Social Responsibility in Science Fiction, room 203a

Emmi Itäranta, Howard Davidson, Sarah Goslee, Ian Watson and Katrina Archer discuss climate change in science fiction, and the actual science behind it.

14.00 - Panel discussion: Pullantuoksuinen - Writing While Multilingual, room 101d

Nina Niskanen, Aliette de Bodard, Emmi Itäranta, Ken Liu and Jakob Drud discuss writing in more than one languages.