The Moonday Letters wins Tähtivaeltaja Award

Emmi Itäranta’s third novel The Moonday Letters (Kuunpäivän kirjeet) has won the Tähtivaeltaja Award for the best science fiction novel published in the Finnish language in 2020. The jury described the book as follows:

“The book, crisp and flowing in terms of style, is an epistolary novel consisting of the messages its main character, Finnish-born Lumi Salo, writes to her spouse who works far away. The accomplished narration blends several timelines and fragments of history, news material, research knowledge and even advertisements. These form a many-stranded, consistent picture of humanity that has spread out to the Moon, Mars, space stations and gas giant satellites.”

Latest interviews in print

Here is a collection of interviews which appeared both in print and online, where Emmi talks about _The Moonday Letters, the movie version of _Memory of Water, climate change, bilingual writing and writing in general, plus many other interesting things.

Audiovisual interviews

The Finnish version of The Moonday Letters has spawned a number of interviews, in which Emmi talks about the creative process of the book, its themes, science fiction and speculative fiction in general, space cats, climate change, and many other fascinating things. These interviews are naturally in Finnish.

The Moonday Letters released in Finnish

The Finnish version of The Moonday Letters is coming out this week - you can pre-order the book from Teos’ webshop. The gorgeous cover with its retro Sci-Fi imagery was designed by Jussi Kaakinen and the insides are guaranteed Itäranta: wistfully beautiful, carefully crafted.

Film stills from Memory of Water

The first film stills from the movie version of Memory of Water have been released. They can be viewed either on the Instagram of B-Plan Distribution, or Bufo Production’s Facebook page. How exciting to see the world of the book reborn on the silver screen!