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HEL-YA! program

HEL-YA! program

The first Finnish Young Adult Literary Convention has published its program. The event is held at Restaurant Lämpö in Helsinki, and the tickets are already for sale. You can find more detailed information at the dedicated FB pages. Emmi's schedule for the day is as follows:

Saturday, August 5th

1.15 PM - In the Beginning There Was a Story

Mintie Das, Emmi Itäranta, Salla Simukka, Johanna Valkama and Erika Vik discuss how fictional universes are created.

5 PM - All the Feels: What Makes YA a Great Genre

Mintie Das, Emmi Itäranta, Juuli Niemi, Elina Rouhiainen and Salla Simukka disucss YA as a genre.

Both discussions will be hosted in English.