Awards and Nominations

Finalist - Premio Salerno Libro d'Europa 2016 Award

La memoria dell’acqua

Salerno Readers' Circle,

Readers' Choice Award - The HelMet literary award

Teemestarin kirja

The voters described the book as a “surprising, touching, compelling, and as a book that offers a strong reading experience.”

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries,

Nomination - Buxtehude Bull Award

Der Geschmack von Wasser

The city of Buxtehude,

Nomination - The Compton Crook Award

Memory of Water

Baltimore Science Fiction Society,

Nomination - Arthur C. Clarke Award

Memory of Water

The judges praised the “Beautiful writing” and “The strength of the relationship” at the heart of the novel. It is “intensely focused, narrow-ranging, almost flawless on its own terms.”

Arthur C. Clarke Award Panel and Serendip,

Honor List - The James Tiptree Jr. Award

Memory of Water

Praise from the jury: “This beautifully crafted novel, written simultaneously in English and Finnish, uses a delicately-told coming-of-age tale to examine a future replete with water crises, a totalitarian police state, and suffocating gender roles.”

James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award Council,

Nomination - Philip K. Dick Award

Memory of Water

Philadelphia Science Fiction Society,

Nomination - Golden Tentacle Award

Memory of Water

The Kitschies,

Young Aleksis Kivi Prize

Teemestarin kirja

Praise from the jury: “With its beauty and lyricism, Memory of Water brings the reader a vision of a future society that is a result of the indifference of our current society. The beautifully told tale subtly directs the readers to think about their own behaviour.”

The Federation of Finnish Mother Tongue Teachers in Finland,

Nomination - Tähtivaeltaja Award

Teemestarin kirja

Helsinki Science Fiction Society,

Kalevi Jäntti Prize for young authors

Teemestarin kirja

Praise from the jury: “The novel grows into a mysterious allegory about the dilemmas of truth, freedom and loyalty. Emmi Itäranta has combined science fiction and age-old utopian tradition to write a skilful dystopia which reflects the great social and environmental challenges of our time.”

Kalevi Jäntti Foundation,

Winner - Teos Sci-fi and Fantasy Literary Contest

Teemestarin kirja

Praise from the jury: “The winning manuscript is solid and impressive, both in terms of language and building a future vision. Like all good science fiction, this work is in dialogue with our current reality: it makes visible a world towards which we may already be headed against our will.”

Teos Publishing House,