Laura Kärkäs

Emmi Itäranta writes about the environmental crisis and human rights in an accomplished and not at all simplified manner in her new novel The Moonday Letters. (…) The sharpest edge of the lyrical epistolary novel is honed by Itäranta’s style of describing future settings and society in a way that does not pre-empty the possible world with explanations; instead, the details hint subtly at the whole.

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat Newspaper

Laura Kuivalahti

Itäranta’s newest lingers beautifully and makes your heart ache. It is like a song about love and neverending homesickness.

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus Newspaper

Kaisa Koski

The Moonday Letters is in many ways an enjoyable novel.

The portrait it paints of the future of the humanity is by no means sunny, but at least some are willing to risk life and limb in order to build a better future. That said, the ominous scenarios Itäranta depicts are already present.

The way the plot is revealed little by little through memories, conversations and healer journeys is truly fascinating and may well remove the heaviness the topics might otherwise bring with them.

Hämeen Sanomat Newspaper

Johanna Osváth

The reality of the novel opens beautifully spherical and overlapping, like planetary orbits or a shamanic journey.

Parnasso Literary Magazine

Lyyra Virtanen

The Moonday Letters is a multilayered novel in which the reader will find something new on each re-reading. Yet the plot is fairly straightforward and easy to follow, and there seems to be nothing unnecessary in the book. Itäranta is one of the most skilled Finnish contemporary writers and each one of her novels has been a pleasure to read.

Kehrääjä LGBTIQA+ Digital Publication